Covenant Works Program Board

In 2013, CHNY launched its first Covenant Works Program Board.  Covenant Works is a crucial component of Covenant House New York’s comprehensive approach to serving homeless youth.  It’s job readiness, education, and vocation training programs teaches the skills our kids need to break free from the cycle of poverty and homelessness, and empowers them to move towards self sufficiency. 

Members of the Covenant Works Program Board focus their efforts on generating resources and support in the following areas to help increase education and employment opportunities for our kids:

Job Opportunities: Connecting our kids to entry-level job positions, internships, and/or job shadowing opportunities that will help them network and obtain employment.

Education and Skill Advancement: Providing support to help our kids advance their skills and professional development.  For example, holding (or connecting us with individuals who will hold) skill-training workshops, career mentoring, individualized tutoring, interview preparation, and/or scholarship opportunities. 

Fundraising Support: Leading fundraising initiatives to support Covenant Works.  


Covenant Works Program Board Members

Michael Chernow
Owner, Meatball Shop

David Guercia
Commercial Account Manager, Cicso Systems, Inc. 

Kacy Knight
Director, Bachrach Group LTD

James Manfredonia
Director, Barclays 

Namtse Namgyal
Client Executive, Russell Investment 

John Graham
Executive Director, Manhattan Educational Opportunity Center 

For more information about the Mother & Child Crisis Shelter Program Board, please contact Ashley Johnson at