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Ways to Give

In-Kind Donations

New and unused plain white t-shirts, sweatpants, black pants, leggings, jeans, dress shirts, dress pants, men’s belts, sneakers.

Please note: we need all sizes of clothing (XS-XXL).

We also accept the following items, which must be new and unused:

Men’s underwear, women’s underwear, face wash, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, deodorant, bras, bars of soap, baby wipes, water bottles, pacifiers and formula (regular and lactose-free).

We also accept:

Luggage and duffel bags, winter scarves, coats, umbrellas, sketchbooks and sketching paper, paint, canvas, pencils, markers, Flip-flops, slippers, bathrobes, craft supplies and coloring books.

Please Note: We do not accept any unapproved dropped-off donations. If you are interested in making an In-Kind donation, please email inkinddonations@covenanthouse.org. Once your donation is approved, we can schedule a drop-off date and time!

In-Kind Donation Projects

Donating multiple high-need items or creating a donation kit leaves a huge impact as it allows our team to have brand new resources ready-to-go for young people in our care. This creates ease for our essential workers who will now have these resources at their fingertips. You can create one kit as an individual, or plan for a large donation packing day with your team, community group, or family.

NOTE: All items must be brand new / unused. Check out our project themes below!

Before getting started on your donation plans, please email Cyndi at csnyder@covenanthouse.org for more information.

Project Themes

Here is a detailed document of our most needed supplies. Please take a look at this document!

Cleaning Supplies: Your donation can help our team get young people excited about being organized and improving their daily routines.

Toiletry Essentials: These daily needs are so helpful to have on hand to promote hygiene and self care!

Shower Resources: Help us restock our community bathrooms or source essentials like new robes and loofahs for our youth.

Kitchen Goods: You can gather kitchen gear and inspire CHNY youth to get cooking – which is such an important life skill!

Bedroom Basics: Youth deserve brand new bedding and linens; your contributions can make that happen while helping to alleviate this budgetary cost!

Before picking your theme and sourcing new supplies, please email Cyndi at csnyder@covenanthouse.org for more information and to plan. 

Essential Needs Donations


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Covenant House New York has a Right Gift page so you can provide homeless youth with basic necessities at the click of a button. These goods are essential to young people experiencing homelessness, and they get delivered straight to a young person in need at one of our sites.