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CHNY is actively lobbying for the following bill to address housing issues facing young New Yorkers:

New York City LS #17172 –Granting RHY Same Access to CityFHEPS Vouchers as Adults in DHS System 

CityFHEPS is a rental assistance voucher program for homeless households and those at risk of homelessness. These vouchers give individuals and families access to city rental assistance so that they can live in their own apartments, instead of shelters. Currently, one group of households that is eligible for a CityFHEPS voucher is those who have been formally displaced from their residence within the past 12 months and have previously resided in a NYC Department of Homeless Services (DHS) shelter. Unfortunately, time spent in a RHY shelter, which are overseen by the Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD), does not count. Additionally, unsheltered New Yorkers who receive case management services from a DHS contracted provider are eligible for CityFHEPS, but those who receive outreach services from a DYCD, or non-city contracted provider do not. Young people should not be denied the ability to live independently in their own home simply because they previously resided in one shelter system over the other.

In June 2021, the City implemented a CityFHEPS pilot program which is enabling 50 youth who are participating in DYCD programs to receive CityFHEPS vouchers. Although we are grateful for this pilot program, 50 vouchers barely scratch the surface of the number of youth who could benefit from this voucher. LS #17172 would ensure that young people who have spent time in youth shelters have equal access to CityFHEPS vouchers as people who have spent time in the NYC adult shelter system. Read our testimony to the New York City Council by clicking here.