CHNY Programs

Programs that Serve Homeless Kids

Since 1972, Covenant House New York has led the effort to help save and transform the lives of runaway and homeless youth searching for sanctuary, healing, hope and opportunity. Our mission, in part, is to “serve suffering children of the street, and to protect and safeguard all children… with absolute respect and unconditional love”.  

Each day we serve young people with both the provision of vital basic needs and comprehensive services designed to help create opportunities. Our Continuum of Care is comprised of a range of programs and services, including:

  • Our Welcome Center & Youth Shelter, offering a compassionate welcome, a hearty meal, a shower, a fresh set of clothes, a warm bed, and other basic needs and vital social services to young people with nowhere else to go, and including a dedicated program for moms with young children; 

Learn more about our Welcome Center & Youth Shelter Program.

  • Our Rights of Passage (ROP), a transitional living program helping young people, including moms with young children, to build independent living skills and transition to safe, permanent housing;

Learn more about our Rights of Passage Program.

  • Our Covenant Works (formerly Regional Training Center), serving the employment and education needs of our young people; 

Learn more about our Covenant Works.

  • Our Health and Wellness Center, a federally-qualified clinic serving the physical and mental health needs of our young people and surrounding community;

Learn more about our Health & Wellness Center.

  • Our Legal Advocacy Center, serving the legal needs of our young people and advocating on behalf of Covenant House and our young people on issues that matter; and

Learn more about our Legal Advocacy Center

  • Our Outreach and Drop-In Center, meaningfully reaching out to young people and offering a tangible way for them to stay connected to our programs and services. 

Learn more about our Outreach and Drop-In Center.