Rights of Passage

Transitioning to Adulthood

Transitional Living Program - Rights of Passage

Established in 1986, the Rights of Passage (“ROP”) program serves young men and women, as well as young moms and their babies.  In ROP, the focus is on empowering a young person to  develop the skills and knowledge to live independently and make the transition to mature adulthood.  Each young person co-creates a personalized “Success” plan in which he or she identifies specific goals to help them in securing a career-based job, advancing their education, and ultimately transitioning into permanent, stable housing with sustainable income and a greater sense of self.  Counselors and case managers provide support to ensure that youth are on track to meeting their life goals. This is bolstered by mentors who provide one-on-one support and guidance. The program’s mandatory savings plan enables youth to save up for the time they move on to permanent housing.