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Celebrating Our Youth

February 21, 2019

Every other month, CHNY holds an All-Youth Community Meeting (otherwise affectionately known as the Cov Killin’ It Awards). The purposes of these meetings is to bring the residents of Covenant House together in order to pass along information and celebrate the young people who have gone above and beyond — AKA, the kids who have been killin’ it.  

The awards ceremony kicks off with updates about the new building construction.  Because CHNY is currently undergoing renovations for a brand new building, there are constant changes in how young people can move around the facilities.  With our gym closed due to the demolition process, the Youth Development team announced that all youth would be receiving a community gym membership!  There will also be weekly boxing field trips for any young people interested.

At the end of the meeting, winners of the Cov Killin’ It awards are announced.  Throughout the month, the Youth Development team keeps an eye out for especially motivated and hard-working individuals who went above and beyond — whether it be in job applications, school work, or just being an inspiration and positive voice of encouragement to their peers.  Recipients of the awards receive $20 American Express gift cards to use however they choose!

We are so proud of all of our residents and the hard work they put in to accomplishing their goals.  We look forward to each All-Youth Development meeting so that we can celebrate the all of the young people who are making strides to achieving their dreams.